Nature's Organic Grist®

Nature's Organic Grist, LLC provides the marketing and supply chain needs of organic farmers, processors, and retailers of organic food ingredients/products across the United States.

Through our many relationships with organic farmers and processors throughout North America, we are able to source grains and processing from numerous regions. These partnerships ensure a steady supply of high quality grain products that meet the specific demands of our customers.

Nature's Organic Grist® also provides Crop Plan Production Program Consulting, providing organic manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to develop close relationships with organic farmers, receive ongoing crop reports, and stay informed about crop production and marketing trends. This gives them a strong edge in today's competitive markets!

Our Products

Nature's Organic Grist® sources and provides cleaned and processed organic food ingredients to industrial food processors in North America.

Besides the traditional grains listed below, NOG is also marketing two new commodities – Emmer (Farro) and Freekeh. These ancient grains date back to biblical times and have been "rediscovered" for their low gluten and low glycemic properties, both key factors in managing health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Stay tuned - additional products to be added soon!

  • Emmer (Farro) – whole grain, flour
  • Freekeh – whole grain, cracked, flour
  • Barley - pearled, dehulled, whole cleaned
  • Spring Wheat
  • Winter Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • Dry Edible Beans

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